Welcome to play darts online, a platform where anyone across the World can play competition darts online, by using an Electronic Dartboard from the comfort of your home, where you stand a chance to win Prizes and have fun in the process!

You will be part of an electronic dartboard community that embodies sportsmanship & respect each other!

By registering as a member of Play Darts Online, you will be a part of our electronic Darts. A Community where everyone respects each other, irrespective of being the best OR worst player.

With the help of our team and dart members, as we grow we aim to use the members' feedback in a way that helps Play Darts Online grow the sport of darts as a whole, and enhance healthy competition and fun among the members through the various tournament games.


Electronic Dartboards are the new Dartboard generation, that allows you to play darts online which automatically scores the game simultaneously and allows you to challenge anyone in the world, that has an electronic dartboard!

VDarts & Granboard are the electronic dartboard brands currently compatible (Other brands to come, in the near future)!


Electronic Dartboards, is the new Dartboard generation, that allows you to play darts that, automatically scores the game for you, and allows you to play anyone around the world! VDarts and Granboard are the brands we currently compatible with (Other brands to come, in the near future)!

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